Professional HVAC Care And Maintenance

Posted on: July 26th, 2016 by louisvillehvacdm

With the exhausting heat of summer and then the brutal winter chill, just about every living thing is on a constant search for something most of us take for granted. That is until our HVAC unit suddenly goes on the blink and then it’s all sweating buckets or chattering in heavy winter coats.
This is most often when people begin to earnestly seek out the services of a qualified HVAC professional who can come and get the environment of the home back at a relaxing and pleasant 70° to 75° year round.
While this is the most logical and effective option, it would be far better to have the HVAC unit that maintains the environment of your home or office at comfortable levels regularly inspected and maintained by a skilled professional in HVAC systems..
This can help to avoid the instances of a sudden breakdown and also effectively extend the life of your HVAC equipment by keeping it running in optimal conditions. This will also lower the amount of energy that is consumed to keep the HVAC unit running.

Importance of Regular HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Waiting till the last minute, or following the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ ideology, is a poor way to keep your valuable piece of machinery operating in tip top conditions. Waiting till a problem is actually present and affecting the operations of the HVAC unit can be a costly mistake.
Like any piece of working equipment, your home’s HVAC unit will benefit from regular care and attention.
Besides the regular care,cleaning and maintenance the user can provide their AC unit, having a professional come by and assess the conditions of the AC unit can do much to prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs or replacements.
Small problems can be ironed out and regular maintenance can have the following benefits for the HVAC unit:
-Prevention of Minor Breakdowns and Costly Repairs.

-Greater energy efficiency and reduced energy bills

-Extended Service life of Equipment

-Increased Quality of Air Supply

-Increased User Safety
A little bit of attention goes along way into saving resources and reducing the environmental impact of the human living facilities on the planet and even on the health of the occupants. By faithfully checking and cleaning out air filters the apparatus will function more smoothly and the air circulating through the home will be free of allergens.
According to statistics on, the simple act of keeping those filters clean reduces the energy consumption of the home HVAC unit by 15%. Overall maintenance can increase the efficiency of the HVAC too, Keeping it working at top efficiency and keeping the costs of energy nice and low.
In Closing — The best reason for keeping your AC unit well maintained is the peace of mind that comes from having quality equipment operating at top performance. This means that there will be no surprises in the middle of the summer day or winter night where they can be most inconvenient.

Tips To Consider When You’re Looking For Emergency AC Repair

Posted on: July 20th, 2016 by louisvillehvacdm

Emergency AC Repair Tips

If you live in an area where having air conditioning is important, like much of the SW United States, then you should always have your system maintained on a regular schedule to coincide with the hottest times of the year. But, you shouldn’t wait until the temperature has already gone over 100F degrees before you look for a emergency ac repair man, no you’ll have a hard time finding a good repairman that isn’t booked up months in advance during those times. What you should do is have the maintenance done a month before the weather turns, and have it on a schedule.

When AC Systems Aren’t Used They Can Lose Freon

Whether your AC system is centralized or put in storage for the winter, it can lose its coolant even while not in use. Then when it’s turned on, the motor will be working and overheating trying to cool your home without coolant. It’s possible to burn out the motor and cause serious damage.

So, rather than call for an emergency AC repair person during the hottest months of the year, and possibly pay double the price, it’s always better to take care of your system when the AC repairman has extra time and less work.

You Should Take The Time To Check Online Before You Choose An Emergency AC Repairman

When you do have an emergency AC repair problem, you might be tempted to take nearly anyone available. But there are factors to consider, and some of them are important. You should always try to get a recommendation from a friend, relative, or neighbor.

Then you should go straight to the internet to see if they’ve got their license, bonding, and insurance posted online. That is important, and they should have certifications to provide repair services for several of the large manufacturers. You should also choose an AC contractor that is local if there is one available. Driving a long distance is expensive, both in time and gas, and ultimately the customer pays no matter what.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, to just a couple of AC repair companies, you should go to an independent review site and look them up to see what their previous clients have experienced. You might find that they’ve been the best servicemen in the world, or maybe not.

If they primarily do have all good reviews, except for one or two negative comments, take the time to read those negatives and see if the contractor did respond and make an honest attempt to correct the problem. Problems do arise in business, and sometimes customers can be unreasonable, so investigating is your best option.

When you have your AC repair company chosen, he’s done with his work and everything is fine, it helps him if you take the time to also leave a review online as well. This way, the hard-working, honest, and well-priced companies prosper, while the others will have to change their methods to compete.

AC repair is important to take care of, and it’s also a good idea to maintain your AC unit in the off-season to avoid emergency charges. In the end, at least you know how to find the best AC repair contractor when you really need one.

Get Help With Your Heating And Cooling Systems

Posted on: June 8th, 2016 by louisvillehvacdm

Heating And Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are a must if you live in a place where there are hot and cold spells. Even if you only need to use what you have rarely, you need to know it will work. These tips will let you in on how to get professional assistance for a fair price and more.

Inspections can save you from a lot of problems. Basically, you can have a company come out to look at your systems on a regular basis and if there are problems then they can get weeded out before you have to use your heater or air conditioner. Try your best to get an inspection done at least a month before the seasons change so you can have an idea of what needs to be done to keep your home warm or cool. If there are issues, then you can get them taken care of before the temperature changes.

A good way to find a service is to look up HVAC and the name of your city through a search engine type of website. Then you can check on places that are near where you live, and that way you don’t have to worry about paying someone to travel. It’s important that you speak with a few different companies, and that before you hire anyone you read up on their past through reviews. A company that is new and doesn’t have a good history is probably best to avoid if you don’t have the money to risk getting bad service.

Reviews online can be posted by anyone, so you need to be aware of where you’re getting your information from about a company. The worst place to get information is through the section of their own website where they post testimonials. People that are trying to market their company online through their own website are going to always try to show off the best reviews and that’s it. Even if they are not that good of a company, you wouldn’t know that by reading what is on their website which is why third party review sites are better.

Watch your electric bill and if you notice and changes you should have someone come out to make sure that your heating and air systems and units are not failing or being overworked due to being old. A lot of the time when you have a system like this that is really old, it will start to fail and may still work but need cleaning or maintenance to quit wasting electricity. Check the unit for your air conditioner, for instance, and see if there is anything wrong with it like something that has fallen into the unit that is slowing it down.

Don’t let your heating and cooling systems work poorly and cost you extra money. You can easily get help with them if you use what you’ve learned here. It’s mostly about figuring out what your options are and then selecting the best in your particular situation.


The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Louisville Air Conditioning Service Company

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by louisvillehvacdm

Another hot summer is on the way and you probably want to be sure that your home will stay cool and comfortable the whole time. Do not make the mistake that many others make and wait until there is a problem before you call a Louisville air conditioning service professional. A good review of your air conditioning system right now could save you a lot of money and inconvenience later. Just make sure that you hire a professional to come into your home and check out your cooling.

Why It Is Important to Hire a Professional to Service Your Air Conditioning

When you hire someone to service an appliance or fix something in your home, you should remember that this person will enter your domicile. You want a professional who can be trusted to come into the space that you and your family inhabit.

louisville air conditioning serviceProfessionals work for companies that have a good reason to ensure that their employees are both qualified and presentable. They want their employees to represent them in your home. You can rest assured, when you hire one of these professionals, that they will know what they are doing and that you can trust them.

Professionals can give you a guarantee about their work. There is little worse than paying a large sum of money for repairs only to suffer another breakdown shortly thereafter.

Contact a professional Louisville air conditioning service and enjoy knowing that your problem will be fixed.

Pay a professional now to save more money in the long-term. When you begin to receive service from a professional air conditioning repairman, you can start a relationship with a company that will always be there to fix your air conditioning problems. You will be first on their list when problems crop up.

Summer is a time for outdoor fun and indoor relaxation with family and friends. Let a professional Louisville air conditioning service company help you keep the inside of your house cool and comfortable so that you, your friends and your family can enjoy yourselves straight through the torrid months of summer. You will not regret it.